Upon arrival: There are two taxi services available at the ferry or the airport Mac's Taxi (Mac Campbell) is the primary taxi, but Cornelius will drive any overflow to their destination. If you tell Mac that you are staying at Pax Villa on Central Avenue in Whitby Beach he will take you directly to the villa. Arrangements can be also be made in advance to have a rental car waiting for you when you arrive.

Once at the house, the caretaker that lives next door, will have the house open for you, the keys, and can answer any questions that you may have. She is extremely helpful and a great cook. She sells her own homemade bread too (not something easily found on the island!). It is also possible to have meals prepared for you and to arrange for additional cleaning during your stay if you wish, for an extra fee. Just a heads up... with very few exceptions, cash is the only way of purchasing items/services on the island and there are no ATM’s!